My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Monday, October 31, 2011

October pictures!

Just wanted to share some pictures with those of you who dont have Facebook :)


                                                                   Leo and Conner
                  Now, you KNOW momma raided the candy bowl after all the kids went to bed right?
 This is Alex' class :) I volunteer there alot. This was their Halloween Party. Alex is in the back in the middle.
See Zenith on the left of the picture?  He is the classroom dog! :) He was a cow boy for Halloween
                                        Alex and Conner at Alex' classroom Halloween Party...
Counting pumpkins on a fence 

                                    Randy, Conner the dragon, SuperAlex and Leo the Ninja!
Leo, Alex and Samantha (my niece)


Alex and his teacher Ms Conte, We went to the pumpkin patch on Friday the 28th! :)

Conner wasnt totally thrilled about his costume... 

And so it begins... unwelcome back cold and flu season... umph.

I just wanted to share this everyone... I made these signs one in the main bathroom as a reminder to the children. And the other sign is where everyone can see it as they walk into the main living space of our home... 

They may seem kind of redundant but its a constant reminder for everyone to wash their hands during this cold and flu season.  Leo was hit pretty hard yesterday with whatever virus got him, he ended up in the emergency room having all sorts of tests done... blood work, UA and xray. They placed a precautionary IV as well.  After about 400ccs of IV fluids my little boy bounced back to ALMOST normal. With every test I became more and more nervous.  Leo is fine now though.  He woke up this morning with no fever and feeling great.  They say he has an ear infection and bronchitis.  I dont believe that though because he isnt coughing and has no ear pain whatsoever.  I will be making a follow up appointment with his pediatrician.  Anyways, let me know what you think of the signs I made :) Also I have included a picture of Leo's xray... I circled the areas of concern in red, the picture is the 3rd one down. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear little virus...

Please go away and never come back again!  This entire month one of us has been sick! Little virus, you paid Alex a visit on October 6, he was fine the next day, but the day after that he spike a 102 temp..And then you visited Conner on October 13, he spiked a103.2 temp. Randy became sick on October 19,  I came down with something, but I don't think its the same thing everyone else has on Oct 27 and I'm still fighting it.  Now Leo is sick today October 30, his highest temp so far has been 101.4.  Aren't you done harassing us little virus?  Go away little virus!

Cold and Flu season is upon us! Just a friendly reminder to everyone when you come visit us, please wash your hands with warm water and soap.  If you are sick or have been sick in the last 48 hours please come visit us another day!

Tips on staying healthy during this cold and flu season:

Get rest! Try to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day!  Its a proven fact that if you get 8 hours a sleep people live longer!

Eat Healthy!  Never skip breakfast and enjoy healthy snacks! Lots of grains and fiber, along with fruits and veggies .

Get moving!  If you are a stay at home mom, turn on the tunes and dance with your kiddos!  They love it! If you have stairs run up and down those bad boys a couple times a day.  Anything to get moving!

Dont forget!  Hand Sanitizer does NOT kill every germ, bacteria or virus ESPECIALLY tummy bugs like CDIFF!  So wash wash wash those hands!   Get your children into the habit of washing their hands every time you think of it!  I need to work on all of this too! So we can work on this together.

Drink lots of water every day... they suggest 8, 8oz glasses a day!  Sheesh, I don't have time for that but Im gonna start working on that too.

Well thats all I can think of right now, but if you can think of any tips on how to get and stay healthy feel free to post them in a comment.

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011


Crystal has been our BIGGEST supporter... we love you Crystal, so much.  When Conner was hospitalized those many times the first year of his life, Crystal came all the way from Marysville to Seattle almost every day, even when she was working!  She stayed as late as she could... she even sat in the chair between my bed and Conners bed... many, many times until I fell asleep... then she would ever so quietly tip toe out of Conner's hospital room. I would wake to a text message the next morning telling me she'd made it home safely and she would see me the next day.  Words cannot express how Crystal helped to calm fears and worries... I sit here writing this with tears coming to my eyes because Im so very thankful for Crystal.  Crystal and I werent always close but throughout this journey, she and I have grown closer and closer over the last 16 months... thank you God for that wonderful gift... the gift of an amazing sister in law whom I love with all of my heart. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2, 2011

This is the first year I have kind of been in the dumps about my birthday... Im not sure why......Today.... I turn 28 years old.  Wow...  amazing how things change... how perspectives grow and blossom... how little ones reward us with smiles,scribbles, amd doodles.  My favorite sound in this whole world is the sound of my childrens sweet laughter.  I didnt have a favorite sound 15 years ago... I didnt have an entire wall dedicated to the scribbles and doodles done by sweet chubby little hands.  This time 2 years ago, I had different friends... different perspectives and different morals... This time 6 years ago... I had one child and was pregnant with my second son... I knew nothing about parenting, but I was trying, and trying hard.  This time... 10 years ago I was about to find out I was pregnant with my first son Leo... he saved my life, he really did... in ways nobody but me will ever understand. These last ten years have been crazy to say the least... Crazy but extremely rewarding.  A wise person once told me "The people in your life that are bad for you, will weed themselves out eventually" and so far, this has proven true....

Leo: WOW he is in FOURTH grade now! Can you believe it!? This is when the real fun begins!  He is 9 and thinks he is 16 going on 25.  Its fun but challenging :)  So far this year, he has started to learn about bone structures in animals and human beings.  He dissected an Owl Pellet the other day and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I, however, did not agree with his thoughts on the matter... ick! Currently he is reading what he calls a "Sticky book" meaning he cant put it down. LOL Its called The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George.  This is milestone because he has never found a book good enough for him to call a "Sticky book"  lol

Alex: He started kindergarten this year!  What an exciting adventure this has been!  He has a classmate whose name is Zenith, he is black and has four legs :)  He is young lab that is in his class every day.  The children read to him and interact with him.  Alex LOVES dogs so this is very rewarding for him! When I ask him how his day went the answer is always "Good, can we go to the park?"  ( I take him and his cousin to the playground for 30 minutes or so every day after school.  So far he has been learning letters and how to write them. I had him writing his name when I was pregnant with Conner but during all the chaos I wasnt able to continue working with him the way I wanted to.  Anyways, during the first few weeks of school Alex kept spelling his name XALE.  I was starting to become concerned when one day I opened his folder and he had written ALEX on one of his papers. I was so excited!

Conner: He is 16 months old as of yesterday and 8 months post op and its been almost 6 months since he was in patient! BIG MILESTONE.  He is SO close to walking its crazy! Im hoping he takes a few steps on his own before the day is over.  How cool would it be if he did that on my birthday!  He was talking alot for awhile there and suddenly isnt talking as much.  I spoke with Linda, his Physical Therapist about that and she said that its pretty normal for kiddos to do this when they become more active like Conner recently has.  He is still around 22lbs.  UGH... but Im not going to worry about it unless his cardiologist Dr Sexson or his pediatrician Dr Morris says something.

Randy and I are doing great! He is working alot and Im still a stay at home mom... (whoever said being a stay at home mom wasnt hard work is nuts)  Im involved in the PTA, the Parent group and I volunteer at the boys' school as often as I can.  Laudry is a never ending battle so I just decided to not hate laundry anymore... that was wasted energy lol! Currently my biggest goal is to figure out how to keep my carpets clean without having to carpet clean once a week... all my plans have failed so far. UGH. Conner has his bi-weekly sometimes weekly nurse appts and his weekly Physical Therapy appts, and between the three boys and myself I have been at the doctors office at least once a week that last month.  There is a possiblity that I may have Rheumatoid Arthritis.. my levels were "slightly elevated" so I have to see a specialist in Everett.  I have already decided that if I do have RA Im NOT letting it bring me down.... what kind of an example would that be to my children?  Keep me in your prayers please.  Needless to say with school starting, doctor appts, nurse appts, PT appts, school meetings, play group and house cleaning (laundry included) I have been one busy momma! 

I will try to update as often as possible... hugs all around