My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Friday, June 24, 2011


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Well here we are the first full day of Summer break for Leo... and well Alex too since he starts kindergarten in September!  Leo and Alex were more interested in playing with their friends then hanging out with me while I did my normal every day chores around the house... can I blame them? Haha!  Tonight while Leo was determind to build a go kart out of Lego's, Alex and I snuggled on the couch and watch movies.  It was nice to have that chill time with him! Im cherishing these moments with him because he too will be a big boy soon interested only in Lego's! LOL Ahh how fast they grow!

Conner had his one year well child appointment today... I cannot stand immunizations!  He did well though! He is gaining weight and his doctor is very pleased! He is 30.1 inches tall (51%) and weighs 22lbs 5oz (37%, up from 25%) his head circumference is 18.5 (63%) He had the MMR vaccine as well as the Chicken pox vaccine.  Fun stuff, NOT!  Today I removed another pump feed from his diet and I will bring him in to his doctors office to weigh him again next Thursday on her scale there... so now Conner is down to 3 pump feeds and only using his NG tube three times a day! I will wait another 3-7days to remove another pump feed from his routine (all depending in how he does, its all up to him) .... the next one will be his 8 pm pump feed!  At the point we will be pump free from 10am-10pm! Keep him in prayer please!  At this rate that darn NG tube will be gone in no time!  I will, however, keep supplies on hand just in case!  I have noticed he is thirsty more now so this is all going as planned! He is starting to drink and eat more and he is taking all his meds by mouth (with the exception of nap time and bed time, like the old saying goes 'Never wake a sleeping baby') I may be inpatient to get that tube out but, Im not dumb! haha! I am, however, half tempted to leave it out the next time Mr Conner-love pulls it out!

~Thought of the day~
Im thinking about starting a group for siblings of children with special needs... these little kiddos need to have friends who have gone through what they gone through. They all need friends that understand... at first I think I will start with Heart families and then branch out and have moms or dads lead groups or playdates... I dont know Im working the kinks out in my head... its food for thought I guess... hmmm

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer... its not much of a summer here in WA.  I can hear the rain falling outside... so much for a nice early morning walk!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21,2011

Hello everyone,

After a two month break, Im back!

On April 5,2011 Conner was discharged from the hospital and has not been back! He goes to cardiology once every two months.   He is doing GREAT!  He is so close to having the NG tube removed! He is rolling around EVERYWHERE and SO close to crawling!! He talks alot too!  He is eating and we finally found a tippy cup that he likes!  He lifts up his arms when he wants up, he has started waving bye bye too! As I type this Conner just clapped for the first time!!!

Leo's last day of school is tomorrow and warm air and blue skies are FINALLY here!  Its wonderful! We are hoping for a summer filled with fun!   Alex starts kindergarten this September, he is very excited!  I, however.... cannot believe how fast these little guys have grown up!

Im going to wrap up this post for now I have a few things to do around the house!
Heart Hugs!