My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2011

Where to begin....

We are all moved in and settled into our new place! We love it here!  Conner fell sick on November 28...after about two weeks of fevers, several doctors visits, one overnight stay in Childrens Hospital and one more visit to the ER showed that he was having runs of EAT because of the Rhinovirus yep you read that correctly! A simple cold virus triggered his EAT...And nope he hasnt outgrown it.... sigh.  His heart rate got to 240.  At some point in there it was determined that Conner had MONO.... I know right!??? Well the Monospot test came back positive but the antibodies came back negative. He fevers for 2 weeks straight and then fevers here and there for another two weeks. He is so much better now!

Christmas was amazing!  Auntie Crystal and Uncle Dave came over and we had a visit for Auntie Sarah too!
New Years was simple but fun! :)  Leo and Alex really enjoyed their two weeks off but were excited to go back to school too!

I will update more later :)

Until then hugs!

Also could everyone remember to say prayers for all the little ones in the hospitals...the parents by their bedsides... and we must not forget all the little Angels... and their parents hugging their little ones with their hearts....

Heart Hugs,


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