My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I thought it was time for an update!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving Holiday! So much to tell! So much has happened in two weeks!  Hmmm where to start... well we are still battling colds, and sinus infections but we will get better soon... these past few days have better rather rough for Conner.  He has been battling a fever ranging from 101-103 nearly 104.  Yesterday he had a blue spell, his extremities were cold and dusky as were his lips.  Needless to say, I rushed him to his doctor. Turns out it was because he was cold and his fever after being gone all day came back with a vengeance at 102.  His oxygen saturation levels were fine.... thankfully!  But that was a super scary moment bringing me, for a few minutes, back in time.  Once his amazing pediatrician Dr. M and her awesome side kick Aja determined that Conner was okay and just needed a little motrin I finally exhaled and had a minor.... I repeat minor meltdown. Conner has since then broken into a rash of sorts... if its not gone by tomorrow I was instructed by his homecare nurse to notify his doctor.  On the bright side of things, Conner his walking now!  Well 95% of the time he his! He is a determined little guy too!  If he decides he is going to walk across the room and his makes it 3/4 of the way and falls... guess what he does!?  He fusses for a minute, crawls back to his starting point and tries it again! He tries until he succeeds... He loves singing "Itsy bitsy spider" too!  He cant quiet say the words yet but he tries!  He attempts that hand gestures too! Its super adorable! He has started dancing and giving high fives!  He says "thank you" now too!  He has said "Where is it" and "I see it" his favorite one is "Whats that?". Earlier this evening he was sitting on his knees next to the couch, playing with a car saying "vroom vroom vroom" Im so thankful for all these milestones, because there was a time when we werent too sure if he would ever be able to meet any of these milestones!  He is surely amazing! He and his older brothers are SUPER close, its clear to anyone just how much my boys love one another! Granted there are times when Leo and Alex argue and bicker and fight.... seeing as Leo is 9 going on 16 and is very into "this belongs to me".  Ah the joys of independence.... he calls himself a "Tween" WHAT on Gods green earth is a TWEEN you may ask?  Yeah... I know... I asked the same thing and in the words of my 9 year hem....I mean my tween... "its when you arent a teenager yet but not a kid anymore"......I KNOW RIGHT! Makes ya feel old and SO behind on times. <insert nervous chuckle here> He is in the phase of "Yes, mom girl cooties ARE real! Every girl has them!", "thats my spot", "sigh can you PLEASE not stare at me" and the "SIGH.....nothing, nevermind" Reminds me of me when I was 16 going on 25 and I thought I knew everything.  Im in for it... I know. But I love that boy with all of my being!  Oh Alex my sweet little character.... he is LOVING kindergarten!  He is learning to READ I cant believe it!  In October I volunteered in his classroom but since the end of October I have been battling one cold after another and these arent little colds, they are knock you on rear end kinds of colds! I am determined to go to his class tomorrow and volunteer. Im not 100% but nothing a little cold medicine cant fix! I have been some what out of comission for the last few weeks but Im getting there! Alex is getting taller and losing all his baby chubbers :-( He loves to dance and sing and make people laugh!  When he brought home his Thanksgiving art project, in his handwriting it said four things he is thankful for and in this order he wrote 1.Food 2. My Mom 3. My dog and 4. My hows (I think he meant house)...  I made the list!  Im doing something right!

These next few weeks are going to be hectic and filled with chaos.... we are moving, Alex' birthday is coming up (birthday party on moving day) should be interesting.... boy when I plan something, I plan BIG.  Ugh... LOL.  Well we will see how it goes!  Then organizing our new place and Christmas... fun stuff!  Time to get into gear! 

Well if Im not able to get on here before Christmas....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Smiles and Hugs,


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