My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21,2011

Hello everyone,

After a two month break, Im back!

On April 5,2011 Conner was discharged from the hospital and has not been back! He goes to cardiology once every two months.   He is doing GREAT!  He is so close to having the NG tube removed! He is rolling around EVERYWHERE and SO close to crawling!! He talks alot too!  He is eating and we finally found a tippy cup that he likes!  He lifts up his arms when he wants up, he has started waving bye bye too! As I type this Conner just clapped for the first time!!!

Leo's last day of school is tomorrow and warm air and blue skies are FINALLY here!  Its wonderful! We are hoping for a summer filled with fun!   Alex starts kindergarten this September, he is very excited!  I, however.... cannot believe how fast these little guys have grown up!

Im going to wrap up this post for now I have a few things to do around the house!
Heart Hugs!

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