My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Busy busy busy!

It's been awhile since I updated you all! Boy has our calendar been filled! Dentist appts, doctor appts, school functions, more dentist appts, clean this, clean that. Oh the joys of motherhood! I wouldn't trade it for anything... I sure love these boys with every ounce of my being <3 I'm not even sure where to begin with this update lol I guess lets start with January... Note to self, update more often!

Lets begin, shall we?

January, oh January... sigh... It was a crazy, hectic month to say the least!

Leo, Alex and Conner are all doing really well!

Leo is doing better in school, the beginning of the year was a bit bumpy for him but I think he is back in the swing of things! We are for sure stepping into the preteen years, and lets just say I'm glad I have boys! Thankfully nothing medical to report about Leo! I can't BELIEVE he is going to be 11 this year... MIDDLE SCHOOL next year!! WHERE does the time go?! Leo has been doing well over all but struggling with some normal preteen stuff, prayers for him would wonderful! :-)

Mr. Alex... My sweet handsome little actor! He has hit a rough patch and is currently struggling a bit in school but I think I have organized a good plan for him! I'm sure he will do just fine but if you could him in your prayers that would be great! He is losing all his baby teeth! It's so crazy adorable! I'm going to be taking Alex in for an eye exam because he has been getting headaches here and there again... But for now he has a doctors appointment on Monday. This last week Alex was "Owl of the Week"! We decorated a poster board and I went into his class and read two stories to all his friends :-) the. Alex and I handed cookies out to all his classmates! That's one of those memories ya hope stays with them ya know?

Conner had his eye appointment and come to find out his vision has gotten worse. Well, his prescription changed from +4.5 in the left to +5.5 and in the right it went from +5.5 to +6.5. She said that this doesn't necessarily mean his vision has gotten worse per se it just means that he is having to work harder to makes his eyes do what they are suppose to do and that he could still be seeing 20/20... Not sure how much of that I believe... But I guess all we can do is keep doing what we are doing in that department. Conner has t had a cardiology appointment since October :-) this just means the doctors are pleased with how Conner is doing. His next appointment is scheduled for March 28 and that point he will have a comets work up, please keep him in your prayers! 1/25/13 marked two years post op for him! In September he had Cardiac Cath and at that time they placed a stent in his conduit because it was narrowing. They told us that it would probably buy about a year MAYBE two... This means it's right around the corner folks :-( Conner is FULL of energy and learning his manners right now :-) he likes to run down the hall turn around and say "momma say run fast!" I say "Run FAST!" He the runs back down the hall making swooshing noises (((<3))) warms the heart... He is doing somersaults and jumping off the ground with both feet :-) he tries so hard every day to be a big boy! He had his first dentist appointment recently... (Please before you judge note that Conner had severe oral aversions for a very long time due to NG tubes, breathing tubes and cameras being shoved down his throat countless times during the first year of his life so we thought it best to wait it out until he had less of an aversion to people being near his mouth) I took good care of his teeth but apparently due to all the medicines he has been on in the past his enamal is weaker than it should be... He has three cavities... Or spots that look like they might be cavities. I was crushed, I instantly welled up and started crying lol sigh... I felt awful! Anyways they told me it was nothing I did and that it was likely because al the medication he has had to be on. Now I'm waiting to get an appointment with Children's dentistry because Conner will have to be sedated to have his cavities filled. And last but not least, Conner is being evaluated for the special Pre school program that is for children who are developmentally behind in some areas and because of Conners medical history the birth to three program he is in suggested that we have him evaluated. So far in some of the tests he has really surprised me! But in other areas I have some concerns but we will cross that bridge when and if we have too!

Well friends and family, I guess that's all for now!

I'm off to set a reminder on my phone to do updates more often!

I'm also posting some pictures! Now, be aware there aren't very many pictures of Leo because he doesn't like his picture taken very often :-/ sigh...

Much love,


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