My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Conner isn't feeling well...

Ugh! Isn't it suppose to be Summer or something?!?! The time of year when we don't have to worry as much about virus'! Conner woke up from nap yesterday afternoon with a fever of 101.3. I gave him some Tylenol and he seemed a lot better but now... At 2:43am his fever is back reaching almost 102. I'm certain this is a virus because of some of the other symptoms.... He had a bit of a blue spell, and was breathing hard and grunting. Immediately I'm thinking it's his conduit from the Rastelli procedure he had last January. Or maybe he has some sort of an infection from cath lab on the 18th.... But then the logically side of my brain wakes up and says HELLOOOO BIRTHDAY PARTY LAST WEEKEND! Sigh... It happens. (SO thankful our new family addition Tyler wasnt there (he is Conners new baby cousin) newborns need to just stay healthy :) Poor Lilly isn't feeling well either so please keep her in prayer too... Conner has had some higher than normal heart rates since this fever started... It's gotten up to 130 but don't panic that's almost considered too fast but within the normal range.... sort of. His breathing is also a little fast too :-( considering what happened last January... Fevers really worry me. Could you all keep Conner and Lilly in your prayers (his friend since birth) she doesnt have any heart conditions but she does have cystic fibrosis and colds can get bad for her too. Thank you all for the prayers! Also,Conner has a cardiology appointment on June 14 prayers that it all goes well please!

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