My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Okay folks, the verdict is in! Im not sure if I should celebrate or cry? So I guess the verdict isnt in? Well, Im honestly so happy with these ECHO results!   Conners ECHO is essentially the same as it was in January, with a few numbers a little higher then they were last time. (Im talkin like from a velocity of 4.4 in January and now its a velocity of 4.6)  All in all his heart function is good! This is where I get confused and feel like I should just lay down and cry.... the valve on the conduit seems a little thicker then it did last time so it may have some calcium deposit on it.... but you know how it goes with ECHO.  He will be going in for Cath Lab in May.  We are hoping no later than May 18.  The goal for this Cath Lab would be to get accurate numbers and to balloon open the narrowing. Please keep Conner in Prayer :) Vitals were all good! Blood Pressure was 96/58 pulse 103, Pulse Ox 100%, he weighs 11.28 kilos (up from 10.78 kilos in January) he is 83 cm long, (up from 82.2cm). They told me not to worry too much about his weight because (too much weight isnt good for anyones heart) His amazing heart is doing just what he needs to do to keep my baby alive and well...he is growing very well!  I almost forgot!!! We are allowed to move Conner's propranolol doses out more!  He was having it every 8 hours but now we can go to every 12 hours!

And now for the stuff that REALLY matters.....

Conner has begun to enjoy the great outdoors, he LOVES to be outside! He likes to explore the entire park!!! A few days ago it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside so I decided to take Conner to the park while Leo and Alex were at school. He saw a dog at the other end of the soccer field he gasps happily, points his chubby little fingers and yells in his cute little voice "Goggy!" (As we all know that means doggy) And then he decides he wanted to play with the doggy, he proceed to walk/run... well it was more of a jog really... 3/4 of the Soccer field (of course I was right behind him) and the entire time he saying "Goggy! Goggy! Goggy!" With my redirection, we never made it all the way to the dog. It was leashed and with its owner but ya just never know.... We explored more, he saw little purple flowers and daisies for the first time ever! ( I will be posting pictures from my phone) Every time he wanted to get down a hill in the park (ya know those small hills nothing too big) he would turn and around lay on his belly and scoot backwards down the hill... I thought it was the cutest thing! We are working on him holding my hand, its working but he is SO independent and VERY determined...When its nap time or bedtime he is very specific about what he wants... blanket, binky, monkey, cup and momma or daddy cuddling with him.  He for some reason has to have the pressure of my cheek on his forehead or have his hand resting on my face to go to sleep.    I think he knows what his little body went through.... he has an appreciation for life like I have never seen before!

Leo has really taken on the big brother role and loves his younger brothers to pieces!  Alex and Leo argue alot like normal sibling rivalary stuff we are working on them learning how to problem solve together... a work in progress but so far so good.  He is VERY protective of Conner and Alex, more so Conner because Alex is "older than Conner"   Monday, Leo decided he was "sick" and came home early from school. (He didnt even walk in the building) When I asked him " Leo so why did you not want to go to school" he slipped up and said " Because I just didnt feel like going to school" I said " you mean you are sick and thats why you came home early?" He said "Uh...Yeah" I said "Okay well sick boys who stay home from school stay in bed sleeping or reading" (Im trying to instill a good work ethic ya know?) I love how clever he is!  He really is the sweetest boy... He is doing GREAT in school! He went from reading and comprehending at a rate of I believe 58 words per minute at the beginning of the school year and now he is at 118 in January.  The other day when I picked them up after school we were walking to our car and the Principle stopped us and looked directly at Leo and said " Leo I want to thank you for being such a good friend to Christopher...he really needs a good friend like you"  That was an Im doing something right moment! Im SO proud of him!  He is really an amazing little guy who loves laughing and being silly....

Oh Alex, my sweet little character.... he is also doing awesome!   He is so curious about everything around him! He has for some reason taken on the interest of cooking in the kitchen with me again.  LOL I love this!  He is my mommas boy for sure!  Oh who am I kidding I have three mommas boys! LOL Alex and his classmate Zenith (a therapy dog) were pictured in the newspaper here in our local town!  Zenith has really helped Alex I think....and for those of you who are wondering... no Alex is not in Special Education. Zenith is his teachers dog and she brings him to class with her.... here is a link where you can see the picture of Alex and Zenith and if you want you can vote for Zenith after reading the story:

Alex is doing great in school!  He is learning how to do math he knows most of his letters and letter sounds.  He is great at math and he has his "bad" days at school  when gets distracted in class but they are getting fewer and fewer apart. I have never heard him complain of anyone making fun of him or anything so it seems as though he gets along great with everyone!  All his classmates know me too lol they all say "Hi Alex' mom!" They cant seem to remember my name haha I think its just easier to remember one name.... Alex has been very attatched to me lately and I have to say I have no problem with that whatsoever! Before spring break Alex was very set on getting a mohawk.... I was very set on him NOT getting a Mohawk! We settled with a Faux  hawk.  (Posting Pictures from my phone)

Easter was great!  We went to church......I learned alot that day :) Im excited to return this Sunday!  After Church we had our normal Easter routine... well sorta.... we werent able to go to Grandma Jills this year because our car is acting up.  Other than that Easter was great! Conner LOVED looking for eggs! Alex found lots eggs and one golf ball... who by the way doesnt like collared shirts lol all day he was saying "MOM I dont like this shirt!"  Leo actually liked wearing his suit! I REALLY thought it would be the other way around lol!  (Posting Pictures from my phone)

I found this AWESOME quilt on

Well since it has a heart on it (like a carved heart) I made one for Conner.   Then I decided to make more! Im going make Leo and Alex one too!  Here is the picture of the one I made (Just finished it last night) this isnt a very good picture....but I hope you can see it okay.

Sorry for the long update but I dont get on the computer very often and its hard to update from my phone lol well not hard it just takes longer....  I hope all is well with everyone! Heart hugs all around xoxo ~Jessica

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