My three beautiful boys

My three beautiful boys
August 2010

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rest in Peace sweet Adam Sallee

Adam you have such an important job up there in Heaven... That's why God needed you home so soon.  He needed only the best of the best of Angels to watch over our Angels here on Earth... You are missed sweet captured my heart the day I first met you... I love ya little guy!

He was a sweet sweet boy. He was born just 5 days after Conner. I remember when I first met him, those big blue eyes and his uncertain but happy smile upon his face.  Beeping monitor in the background because he was happily kicking his cute little feet and the pulse ox wasnt agreeing with him. I don't have a lot of memories with Adam except the many times I walked by his hospital room and if he was awake I would stand in the door way and make a fool of myself in front of all the nurses just to see his big blue eyes light up and see that big adorable grin upon his face. I would always take the long way around to Conners room so I could pop my head in on Adam.... I didn't care if all the new nurses who didn't know me would question me stopping by his room.... I never went in unless his mom was there with him in the room... I kind of regret that.  :-(

Adam had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with one other thing but I'm not sure of the name.  He spent all but two months of his life in the hospital. He ended up having to have a heart transplant in September 2011. I was him the day before they got the news that he had recieved and Angels heart.  The next day his mom Casey called me to tell me the news I screamed and jumped up and down and to this day when Casey tells that story she says "it was like you won the lottery" lol I immediately said a prayer for the donors family. Then I cried.  Soon after his transplant Adams aorta ruptured and he was bleeding out.  The doctors were sure if he was going to make it through.  Adam survirved that!  He battled many cdiff infections.  He was a strong boy, who no... He didn't lose his battle with CHD he won his battle.... He kicked CHDs butt!   He touched so many lives and I will always tell his story!

On the evening of January 28,2012 he passed away in his mothers arms.   He has an older sister named Ella so please keep her along with his mother Casey and his father Jason in your prayers.  On February 11,2012 Adams service was held and it was a beautiful service filled with laughter and smiles.  The way Adam will always be remember.  I captured a few photos of his service while I was there and with his mothers permission Im sharing them with you....

Remember to spread awareness about Congenital Heart Defects.  They are the number one birth defect and there are over 40 known defects.  Nine out of ten heart defects can be detected at birth with a pulse ox test so make sure to tell everyone you know!

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  1. What an amazing little man! Thank you for sharing. Prayers for mom, dad, and sissy.